What My Dad Taught Me

Many people are spending the day with their dad as it is Father’s Day.  But, as my lovely dad is all the way in NZ, I will write a post about all the things my dad taught me.

What my dad taught me:

He taught me the importance of the dad joke:

This is one I say to this day (to my students of course):

We can’t go swimming in the rain because we might get wet.

Cue children trying to explain to me that we’ll get wet anyway.


He taught me to never take things for granted.

He taught me that I have to work hard for the things I want.  If everything is easy than it doesn’t give you a backbone.

He taught me how to take nails out of a plank of wood.

He taught me how to lay a floor (as he works in construction I’d go and help him in the holidays for a little extra pocket money).

Dad taught me how to paint a house and helped me with renovating my place.

He taught me how to be the best person I could be and not to listen to idiots who try to hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

He helped me learn how to plait my own hair.

Dad (and mum) even went to dance with me all of last year when I was too worried to go by myself. So, they showed me that no matter how old you are, you can still go out of your comfort zone.

He showed me how to be respectful towards people.  And that I should be given respect in return.

Dad showed me how it is important to save.  Things you want don’t come easy and in this world you need money to get the things you want.  Whether it be travelling the world, buying a house.

He supported me through all of my ups and downs.  But also gave me a talking to when needed.  For example, I wanted to go to Guatemala.  He told me that was the most ridiculous idea he’d ever heard of and proceeded to tell me all the statistics for crime there.  He did his research and I’m glad he did.  He was being protective.

Dad showed me that hard work pays off.  He started working at 15, so he’s been working hard for many, many years.

He is probably the best dad anyone could ask for.

No matter how many bad jokes there are that he makes and how annoying they are, I always know that I can count on him to make me feel better, especially when I ring mum and dad up and am upset about things at work.  He knows how to make me laugh.


p.s., sorry for no photo on here of dad but he doesn’t want his photo on my blog 😀


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