Shopping in Den Haag

In the half term break I visited my family in the Netherlands.  I went to the Tong Tong Fair with my great uncle and aunt and their grand children.  I had a fab day there!

I found some beautiful items there that I could not leave without.

I bought a beautiful scarf – it is a red/coral colour that I absoloutely love.  Red is my favourite colour, and if you read my post about how ‘Red to me is like pink to Elle Woods‘ you would understand why!

It is soft, there is a very light pattern in it and I just love the way it looks.  It is apparantely silk.  I’m not sure if it actually is…the people were selling it as silk.


I also bought a very pretty red beaded necklace.  The beads look like coral (but aren’t).  That is the reason why I bought it – coral is very pretty and the colour is the perfect red. It is a long necklace so that means I can wear it wrapped twice around my neck or I can just wear it long.  It’s great having options!


And last but not least:

A bag.  Not just any run of the mill bag.  A metal bag.  It looks almost like it is a mosaic. It is beautiful.  I bargained it down to 15 euros.  Originally they wanted 30.  I put my phone in it to see if it fit before I bought it.  Would have been annoying if I didn’t think of that!  But luckily, it fits so I can use it as an evening bag/protection device.  I can hit someone with it if they attack me 😀

Here’s the photo of the items:


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.44.55 PM.png


Aren’t they just pretty?


p.s.  I’m going to put a post up soon of the clothes I bought when away.


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