9 Amazing Things I’ve Done This Year

I’ve had quite an extraordinary year so far.  5 months in and I have ticked so many things off my to-do list.

I love my life now.  Yes, I am in an uninteresting town and a job that makes me cry on a (nearly) daily basis…but, I am so happy to actually be in the UK and able to travel and meet new people.

So, here I have compiled a list of 10 amazing things I’ve done this year.

I packed my life up into 1 extra large suitcase and moved onto the other side of the world.  Technically I left in December…but my life here didn’t really start until January.


Not the extra large suitcase.



I travelled to Paris and fell in love.  Not with a person but with the city.  I have wanted to go to Paris and I finally got there!




I went to Lindy Hop lessons in London every weekend (until recently as I have been too busy travelling).  It was quite an experience.  I used to go to Lindy Hop with my mum and dad back in NZ.  But, it is such a great way to meet new people.  And I have met some really lovely people.



I travelled to Scotland and saw the beautiful Loch Ness and Glen Coe.  What an amazingly beautiful place.




I took a deep breath and dived into the unknown.  I never knew what I would face when coming to the UK.  I thought that I would have the BEST life and that everything would fall into place so quickly.  But, it isn’t that easy.  The first few months I was sick, tired and homesick.  And now, that I have fully settled in here I have been so much happier.




I went to the beautiful Milan.  I went there two weeks ago and am so incredibly happy that I did.  I was relaxed.  I had yum Italian food, gelato and wine.  It really made me realise how happy I am to be here and that I am so lucky to have this opportunity.




I opened up.  I have always been a quieter person but since moving here I have really had to step outside of my comfort zone and make a huge effort to make new friends.  I’m still in the process of making new friends and extending my social circle.  But it has been such an incredible experience here.




I’ve been stranded in Oslo’s Rygge Airport.  When i arrived in Oslo the taxi I ordered didn’t turn up.  I was scared shitless.  I was so worried I’d have to sleep in the Airport.  Luckily I bumped into a Norsk man who shared the taxi with me.  It was really a moment of ‘phew’.  But, it is something I can look back on and laugh about.




I went snow-shoeing in Canada.  Before I arrived in the UK I visited some family in Vancouver (again, this was actually in December – after Chrissie, but it’s still close enough to 2016).  When there I was so shocked by the stunning scenery.  I’ve never seen so much snow.  My mum’s cousin and his wife took me snow shoeing and tobogganing.  I loved it!




I have honestly had such an adventure this year.  There have of course been ups and downs.  Definitely times when I wish I could go home.  But, after thinking that I want to go home, I keep thinking of all the future adventures that there are to be had.  I am not just a ‘I give up’ person, especially when the going get’s tough.

This year I have really had to be me.  I have had to be brave and not be scared of things that could happen.  I know things are scary – not like being on a rollercoaster scary..but I just have to step past those worries and focus on what is really important:

Living life to the full and having a blast while doing so!


What are some amazing things you have done this year?


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