Marvellous Milan

Last weekend I went to Milan.


I flew out late Friday night and arrived there at about 11pm.

It was both the most amazing, yet exhausting weekend.

Milan, Italy was stunning.  I have always dreamed of going to Italy and I have to admit, even though I was only there for two days, I fell in love with Italy.

On Saturday I left Bergamo early for Milan.  I took the long trek from the Central Station to the City Centre.

One minute I was walking along a normal street and the next minute I was in a beautiful shopping area called: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  I was surrounded by luxury designer brand stores.

Next I went to the Duomo and was about to wait in the queue….but left as it was about 2 hours long.  I ended up going for a long walk around and went into the Duomo Museum which is just opposite the Duomo.

I spent a good few hours just wandering around Milan – I bought a beautiful skirt from Kocca.

I walked to big park and saw the Arc.

I also went to a castle near the park.

I had lunch at a cute little restaurant directly opposite the Duomo.  I devoured a Ravioli dish that was so superbly cooked I wish I could go back there right now and have some more.  The pasta was absoloutely delicious.


Before I caught the train back to Bergamo, I had a few wines at a place in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  I was absoloutely gobsmacked when asking for the bill.  But the wine was probably the nicest I’ve had in quite some time.

The weather was stunning, the gelato and pasta was delicious and I just had a superb day.

By the time I got back to the B&B in Bergamo I was so tired.  I collapsed and fell asleep straight away.

I love Milan and I am definitely going to go back there one day.  The city is the perfect size for a weekend trip away as it is small enough to see most sights.



Weekend trips away are what keeps me sane.


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