J’adore Paris: Saturday

Wow, what a weekend.  It was probably the best weekend I’ve had since coming to the UK.

Paris.  What more can I say?

Beautiful, stunning, exciting.  Those words are really not enough to describe Paris.

Paris is so much more than beautiful, stunning and exciting.

It’s a city where I just wandered around and everywhere I looked I saw something else that just wowed me.

There are so many things I didn’t get to see (Eurostar, you are my future…).

So, about our day in Paris.

We woke up abut 10am, rushed to get ready and ran out the door at about 10.30.

We took the metro into the main city, to Champ Elysees.


I had a delicious ham and cheese sandwich from a place called ‘Pauls’ and got some mini Pain au Chocolat’s.  So DELISH.  I wish I bought heaps more.


After having brekkie we wandered along to the Arc de Triomphe.  It was so amazing to go to these places that I’d dreamed of going to for a long, long time.


We decided to walk all the way to the Louvre.  The others wanted to take the metro, but I said we should walk because it’s lovely walking along and finding things on the way.

I am so glad we walked because we found Pont Alexendre III and also the padlock bridge.


At last we ended up at the Louvre.  We went in, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see Mona Lisa, as it was so hot that we decided to go and get something to eat and drink.

We ate snails.  Well, I couldn’t swallow it because it made me gag.




Since we’d been walking all day we decided to go on a Hop-on Hop-off bus.  It was great just driving round in the sun and admiring the view.

We ended up hopping off at the Eiffel Tower and sat down in the grass in front of the tower.


We drank champagne and beer and just chatted. It was probably the best afternoon we could have had.

We bought key-rings off the people selling stuff there (they were not supposed to be selling things there as they don’t have a pass).  It’s funny because they have a phrase that they must yell out…because one minute they were walking around and the next they were running.  Two police men were chasing about 90 or more people.  It looked kind of funny.

The police only managed to arrest one person though.

We stayed there until about 11pm. We headed back because two of the girls got really, really sloshed.




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