Bamble Vintage

Recently I discovered ‘Bamble Vintage’.  As you can probably tell from it’s name: it is a vintage shop!

And I am so glad I discovered it.  There are some really lovely gems on there (and I want to buy everything).

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.21.36 PM


If you want to visit the shop, click on the picture above and it will take you straight there.  If you need more convincing to visit the shop, continue to read.

I currently have my eye on:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.24.13 PM

One of the reasons why this store is so fab is because the owner, Soph, is so friendly and is really passionate about her store.

Why I Think Bamble Is The Best:

  1. The clothes ->  there is a mix of clothes from different eras and, from what I can tell, they have been well sourced.  She states the sizes and if there is anything wrong with an item.
  2. The prices ->  the prices are just right! Not too cheap to make you think “ohh, what’s wrong with it” and not too expensive which just is off putting.
  3. Soph -> like I said she is really helpful and friendly.
  4. The cardies and jumpers -> they are so cool and I love the patterns on them!
  5. How accessories are also found in this store -> sometimes you just need a cute belt.


So, my suggestions is:

Go and look at the shop and see if there’s something you like.  And please, please don’t buy the cardie that I posted above.  If you do…I will be very angry 😀

Here are some clothes that Soph is selling on Bamble:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.25.11 PM




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