J’adore Paris: Friday Night.

I adore Paris.  It is a beautiful city and the architecture left me speechless.

This weekend I flew to Paris with some friends for a 21st birthday.  Paris, you did not disappoint me.  It is so amazing to think that you can just hop on a plane and then end up in a city like France.  It’s funny to think that this morning I was in Paris and now I’m back in Clacton.

We arrived about 9pm in Paris and rushed to the apartment so that we could go out.  We were so astounded by the number of people out and about and having dinner at 12am.

We walked out of the Metro and walked round a corner and there it was.  The Eiffel Tower.

My God.  It was so stunning all lit up.  We took a heap of photos and some selfies and then continued down some steps to seperate squares where people were doing Ballroom dancing.

I couldn’t believe it.  It was completely different to what I expected.  It seriously exceeded my expectations.

We continued to walk and ended up under the actual tower.  People were still climbing it that late at night.

After awhile we decided that we needed to eat, so we took some Tuk Tuk’s to Champs Elysees.

Since there were five of us, we had to split up.  We ended up having a race with the other Tuk Tuk (and on the way we witnessed the light show on the tower).

I’m glad to say that my Tuk Tuk won the race.  I’ve never seen someone bike so fast.


After a delicious pasta dinner we decided to go back to the apartment.  By this time it was about 2am, so by the time we got back we were shattered and all of us slept like babies.


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