Preparing for Paris

I’m going to Paris tomorrow.  I am so excited about this mini weekend break.  I have always dreamed of going to Paris and finally, after such a long time, I am going there.

At first I was a little worried about what to take.  Ok, I wasn’t really worried.  It was just a few thoughts of ‘what shall I take?’.

Is it warm?  What is the weather like?  Is it a warm 25 degrees or chilly?

But, after talking to my flatmate, I felt reassured.  My worst nightmare would be to go somewhere where I have too many warm clothes…or not enough!

So, I decided to take my owl dress (see previous post for this here) and denim jacket.

I’m taking my trusty cat Keds and a pair of sandals.

I’ll also have the outfit I’m wearing tomorrow – a skirt and tshirt with cardie and denim jacket.

It didn’t actually take me too long to pack as I already knew what I wanted to take.

My weekend bag is perfect for small breaks.  And it doesn’t need to be checked in, so I save 30 quid.

I can’t wait to climb the Eiffel and just wander around.  I like taking in the sites.  I think the best way to travel and see a city is to walk.  You bump into so many things that you wouldn’t see if you were on a tour.



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