Ipswich and Frinton

Yesterday I went to Ipswich for the day.  I had a lovely walk around the waterfront area and did a spot of shopping.

The waterfront really reminded me of Auckland City Marina..smaller though.

I bought some shoes at Primark for 3.50 (wonder how long they will last…) and a few books.

I’ve got quite a book collection starting.  I think I’ll have to start a book shop or something.  Or a book swap.

If you are looking to go shopping I’d suggest going to Ipswich.  It’s not too busy and not too quiet.


This morning my landlady took me to Frinton.  It is very nice there.  Lots of cute eateries and charity shops.  I’ve heard the charity shopping is quite good.


I’m probably going to go and bike there one weekend.

I hope you all had an excellent long weekend.

I’m glad it’s a short week this week.  I have job interviews on Wednesday and then on Friday I’m off to Paris for the weekend!

So excited about it.



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