May Bank Holiday Weekend

The weather is finally getting back into double digits and the sun is shining. What better way to spend the weekend than going on day trips?

I went to London yesterday, I had to go there for a reason, otherwise I probably would have gone to Cambridge instead.

I went to Greenwich and saw the Cutty Sark.  I had heard there was a really good antiques market in Greenwich.  It was ok.  Unless I ended up at the wrong one.

I ended up going to Camden in the afternoon.  I have never seen so many punks in my life (unfortunately, when I told my flatmate, he thought I said a word starting with ‘c’ and rhyming with ‘punks’).

I really love Camden.  It has a fantastic market, although the walking pace is so slow in there.  I went to Collectif Vintage.  I never knew they had an upstairs.

I finally headed home and watched Line of Duty in bed with a cup of tea.

What an exciting life I lead.

Off to Ipswich soon.  I’ve heard the waterfront there is very nice.  And that the shopping is good (I have a job interview at a faith sch0ol on Wednesday and was told I have to wear a skirt at, or below, my knees.  Looked in wardrobe…nothing below my knees).

Hope you all have a marvellous weekend.


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