York is OLD.

I’ve stated the obvious.  York is pretty old.  Ancient even.  It’s a great city.  There seem to be a lot of eateries, which I guess target the tourists.   But, despite the large number of eateries, the city is quite interesting.

Yesterday I went to the Castle museum to see the fashion exhibition called ‘Shaping the Body’. It’s really interesting seeing the changes that have been made in fashion and the way that bodies have been viewed in the past.

From bustles, to corsets and 1960s mini dresses to 1980s shoulder pads.  It’s so amazing how quickly fashion changed in the 20th Century.

Moving on to other, interesting things.

Today, I walked the Wall.  It was lovely seeing the city and it was good exercise.  Next I moved onto the Minster.  I spent quite a while in there, admiring the stained glass windows and seeing the old Roman AND Norman ruins.

I also climbed the tower so that I could see the whole city in front of me.

200-and-something steps later and I was there.  Hardly any skyscrapers to be seen.

It’s a beautiful city.

I grabbed a bite to eat in Cafe Concerto by the Minster.  It was expensive as!  But delicious (note to self, don’t go back tomorrow though…I need to save).

If you are wanting to go shopping in York, Fenwick is a nice place to go.  As is Browns.

Both are on the pricey side.  However, there’s a bit of a sale on at the moment.  I picked up a Marc Jacobs laptop case for my MacBook Air.

I then walked and walked and walked until I was near the Shambles.

I found this lovely shop that had lots of cute clothes in it.  The prices weren’t to bad.  I picked up a skirt for about 13 pounds. It was half price.  It’s perfect for all seasons.

I’ll have to take a photo of it when I get home.

I really can’t believe this holiday has gone so fast.  It feels like only yesterday I was leaving for London.  I really, really don’t want to go back to Clacton. 😥

Here are my York photos:


3 thoughts on “York is OLD.

  1. I hate York. I once did a course there for a week and also visited one weekend. It was an overpriced tourist trap. But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Probably looking at t from a different perspective than me. If you really hate your job and Clacton then you must seriously look for another job or area to live in. It will start to make you feel ill. Stress and worry are terrible for making your body unwell.


    1. It is a tourist trap and it is overpriced, but I thought it was pretty cool. The history there is amazing. I’ve been applying for jobs. A lot of schools though go through recruitment agencies. Looking forward to moving somewhere a bit nicer and where there’s a bit more happening. 🙂

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