I fell in love…with Edinburgh

I fell in love for the first time the other day.  Not in ‘love, love’..but in ‘city love’.  Edinburgh is probably one of my favourite cities in the world.  I say one of, because Auckland is my first love.  I do also love Amsterdam and Barcelona, but Edinburgh is definitely a place I’d love to stay in for a very long time.

Edinburgh is historical.  The architecture is stunning and the mix of old and new is well balanced (meaning that they haven’t gone and bulldozed  a whole lot of lovely old buildings to build horrible skyscrapers…like they did in Auckland).

A few must-sees in Edinburgh are:

  1. The Castle.  

Why go to Edinburgh and not see the castle.  I spent 4 hours there.  My lonely planet guidebook said that 2 hours is enough.  I explored every single area of that castle.  I even stayed an extra 45 minutes just to see the 1.00pm gun.


2.  The Royal Mile.

Of course the Royal Mile is mostly targeted towards tourists with a lot of souvenir shops and pubs, but it is a great place to wander down.  There’s also a church to visit on the Royal Mile too.  Off the Royal Mile is a lovely shortbread shop that sells delicious shortbread and other treats (I’ll look for the name!).


3.  Arthur’s Seat.

A tiring climb up this mountain is rewarded by the stunning views once you get to the top.  I didn’t climb to the highest peak as it was starting to get dark.  Be careful you don’t fall off the mountain when trying to get good photos though 😀

Arthur's Seat

4. Holyrood Palace.

You can get an audio tour of this place.  It was quite interesting.  I skipped most of the audio tour.  The information about Mary Queen of Scots was interesting though.  She had a very tragic life.   The gardens are nice to walk through as well as the old Abbey there.  Also, if you are feeling hungus you can pop into the cafe there and have a cup of tea and a scone.

Holyrood Palace
Holyrood Palace (not my photo)


5.  New Town.

I spent most of my time in Old Town, but I enjoyed going to the shops in New Town.  The architectural differences between Old and New Town are quite amazing.  New Town is very spread out whilst the Old Town is more cramped together.


6.  Jenners.

I accidentally bought a Michael Kors bag here.  Hey, I couldn’t help it!  My visa card slipped out of my purse and I just somehow got it.  Nah, what actually happened was that they were having a sale and I went in to see how much they were.  I dreamed about the bag for two nights before I decided to go back in there just before closing on Friday.  I love it.  It is cherry red (remember my colour is red?).

Michael Kors bag
Michael Kors bag


So,  in conclusion, Edinburgh is the city for me.  I love how it’s so interesting and how everyone is so friendly there (mostly everyone…).

Of course this list isn’t everything you can do in Edinburgh, but it is a good start.  Especially if you’re only there for a few days.  I did a few day trips out to Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle and one to Loch Ness and Glen Coe. I will be posting about those later on.





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