A Sort of Guide To Chilling In London

London is by far one of the busiest and amazing cities I have ever been to.  It never ceases to stand still (except for when there’s a tube strike…but even then it’s still incredibly busy).  Trying to find a quiet place can be hard in London and sometimes quietness is all you crave.  So, on my adventures in London, I have tried to discover some nice quiet places (near impossible).

Now, like I said, it is nearly impossible to find quiet places in London.  So I thought, why not find a bit of chill time in some of the busiest places here.

So yesterday, off I trekked to Covent Garden – tourist mecca (and yes, although I live in the UK I still see myself as a tourist in London).  There I got lost in the crowds and the market, but managed to find a place that was semi-quiet.  A pub called ‘Punch and Judy’ which really is touristy, but who gives a toss. Not me.  Especially when I found a table and stool for one.  Perfect.

As I swallowed down a pint of Rekordelig cider (or tried to) and munched on some chips (not crisps), it was lovely just people watching and eavesdropping.  Now, I don’t usually make a habit of listening into other people’s conversations…just sometimes they are so interesting and I can’t help it!  Especially when it’s gossip.

Now, moving on to another place.  This place is also very popular with tourists.  It is Trafalgar Square.   I sat on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields and people watched as I ate my lunch today.  It was pretty nice just sitting on the steps there with other tourists and take a break.

If anyone knows of any really quiet spots in Central London please do let me know.  I love gardens and picnics.

Where are your favourite places to sit down and relax in London?

I am leaving tomorrow morning so will have to try out the other quiet spots when I’m back here again.

On another note – I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “A Sort of Guide To Chilling In London

    1. Touristy things are awesome here. Tower of London is a must see and so is the national gallery and British museum. Victoria and Albert is pretty amazing too! harrods is great for luxury shopping. Or just to see what it’s like! I like Camden. It is perfect for vintage shopping. There’s honestly so many places I could say to go to. If you pack in the days you should be able to see a lot. But if you want to take it slow just pick a few things to go to. Tube system is great so you should be able to get from place to place easily enough.

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