I’m Going On A Holiday

Hello all.  Well I’m back into the land of blogging.  I had to take a little break for a bit (yes, I did update about how to get your blogging brain back), but here I am. Ready to blog again.  Hopefully.  This weekend is Easter and then I have 2 weeks break for school term break.

I’m so excited.  I’ve been looking forward to this holiday for quite some time.

I’m going to London today to really experience the ‘touristy’ things like the Tower of London, Hop on Hop off tour etc.

I’m leaving London on Tuesday 29th for Edinburgh.  Got a cheap as chips flight with Ryanair.

I’m so excited to go to Edinburgh as I have never been to Scotland before.  I have heard it’s beautiful!

I’m then leaving Edinburgh on the 3rd to go to my Aunt’s mum’s place in York.

Got quite a fun few weeks ahead of me.

I’ve decided to come back to Clacton on Friday the 8th, as I need some time to actually R&R from the holiday before school starts.

Hope you all have a fab Easter!


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