My Brown Suede Skirt

When I was in Bath last week I went to Salisbury.  When I was in Salisbury I found a lovely vintage shop where I bought this 1960s suede skirt.  I love it.  Yes it is short and yes it is totally awesome!

I love 1960s miniskirts and dresses.  They are cute.  Twiggy is my main inspiration when I dress 60s style.


These looks:


I really love this skirt – is is so different to ones I saw in other shops.  I love how there are colour changes throughout the skirt – it’s not all just one colour.  It’s kind of like tie-dye in a way!

I wore a black shirt and woollen stockings, as it is still pretty chilly.  I also wore my new black oxford shoes.

I think that this is one of my new favourite outfits (who am I kidding?  Every outfit I own is my favourite!).


Sorry for the really weird looking up photo.  I actually really dislike it when I have to look down at a camera – but I can’t do anything about it at the moment.  I still don’t have anyone to take photos of me…:'(

I still have to balance my phone on a stack of books in order to take a photo that actually gets my whole body.


I’m looking for other photograph options though – I need a change of scenery!


By the way, I just bought a new bike! Gotta get out of Clacton on the weekends, so going to bike along to the different towns along the waterfront.  Probably won’t take many weekends, but at least it’s better than just being stuck in Clacton!

I bought the bike yesterday and picked it up today…unfortunately I didn’t check to see if it had a stand.  So, I’ll have to go back and get one, because currently it is balancing up against the side of the house.  I don’t want a strong wind to come and blow it over because it could break the basket.

I also bought a really strong lock.


I’m thinking of taking the bike with me to Holland when I go there by ferry.  Since I live just by Harwich I can take the ferry over to the Hook of Holland…and take my bike too!

I hope you all have had a spectacular week!

I’m off to London for a Lindy Hop Social on Saturday.  I’m so excited because I haven’t danced in AGES!!

Seriously, I’ve only been to one lesson since I’ve been here.  Going from dancing 3-4 times a week to 0 times a week, I have really noticed the change to my body!



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