5 Reasons Why I Love Bath

Bath. A place filled with history, intrigue and romance (I love Northanger Abbey).  I have only been here a few days and I already know that this is one of my favourite cities/towns in the UK.  I know there are plenty of other places to visit in the UK, but honestly Bath is beautiful.  So this post, 5 things I love about bath, is a must.

  1. The Vintage Shops.  

There is a road.  And on that road there are a huge amount of Vintage and Charity shops.  And that road is called London St (and Walcot St).

Jack and Danny’s and Yellow Shop are probably my favourites.  Yellow Shop has new, retro inspired and also true vintage clothes and Jack and Danny’s is literally overflowing with vintage.  Jack and Danny’s is where I picked up this beautiful 1940s dress.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.33.54 pm


Yellow Shop had a stunning, white 1960s coat in impeccable condition.  One, I still dream about to this day (it’s only been 2 days!).  I’ll let you know what I decide to do…it is a little big (fits in arms and length but too big round the waist) 😦

2.  The Architecture.

I love Bath for it’s architecture.  I haven’t noticed many ‘modern’ or ‘new’ buildings.  Everywhere I go I am amazed by the beauty of the town.  Bath is beautiful.

Royal Crescent

3. Accessibility.

Bath has a great transport system which makes it easy to get around and also to travel to other towns nearby.  Tomorrow I am heading to Salisbury for the day and on Saturday I’m thinking of going to Bradford on Avon.  There are buses to many other places of interest.  I went to Radstock to see where my great grandfather was from.  It was amazing to see the old family houses still standing.  And I also saw the grave (and tidied it up and left flowers) of my great-great grandfather’s first wife.

Another great thing is that the National Express comes to Bath.  I like travelling by National Express.

4.  The cafes.

I feel like a dweeb by saying this, but there are some lovely little cafes here.  A sweet one was on London Road.  I can’t remember the name of it but I had a delicious piece of Strawberry and Chocolate Cake.  Another place I like is Cake Cafe where I had a delicious piece of Chocolate Gateau.  I must avoid that place at all costs.  It is dangerous for my health and my purse.



5. Jane Austen.

What girl doesn’t like Jane Austen?  What guy doesn’t like Jane Austen.  Yes, boys, you can admit it…Jane Austen was a fabulous author (ok, so not everyone likes her, but so what).  Everything about Bath reminds me of Jane Austen.  And it just makes me feel like a bit of romance is needed in my life.  Ya hear that Mr Darcy?  I’m here.  I’m in Bath right now.

Yes, I admit it, I am an Austen Babe (A chick/girl/babe who loves Austen).


northanger abbey.jpg
Not my picture/book.

So, there you have it…5 reasons why I love Bath.

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