I Went To Buckingham Palace To Visit The Queen

Unfortunately she forgot I was coming to visit and kept the gates shut. Very disappointed.


I’ve had a lovely weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday nights at Sheppertonight.  My cousin and aunt were visiting family there, so they invited me along. It was so lovely to spent the weekend with family.

My cousin and I went to op shops in Shepperton and I bought a dress.  We had a fondue feast for dinner.


On Sunday everyone went to Windsor Castle but I went back to London.  I was going to go to Windsor as well, but I’ve been poorly for a while and it just has really hit me in the last few days.

I got to London and chilled in the hostel first a bit before going for a walk to Buckingham Palace.

It was stunning.  I got lost for awhile before I managed to find my way back to the hostel.  Getting lost is one of the most amazing parts of travel…you find things you wouldn’t normally find!

The only problem with this hostel is the lack of wifi in the rooms.

Oh, I also went to a vintage shop just down the road from the hostel.  Found a darling red knit mod dress for £25…but it’s a little expensive though. So I was good and left it.

Heading to Bath tomorrow.




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