Shopping in Oslo

Now, since this is a fashion/travel and sometimes beauty blog I couldn’t do a post without mentioning my shopping in Oslo.

After the city tour I went to several shops. My favourite modern clothing store is Vero Moda.  I already own several pairs of clothes from there.

Yesterday I got a pair of jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and a jumper.  I’ve got really into jumpers lately.



I also went into Bik Bok.




As you can see I bought a mustard colour skirt and a grey t-shirt from Bik Bok. Unfortunately the skirt is a little big so I’ll see it up to make it fit better.


I was going to go back to return it and exchange it for a smaller one, as there is one here in Moss. But it was closed today! So was the one in Oslo.

I also visited a few other shops: Mango, Only etc but they didn’t have anything I really liked enough.

As you can see these are snapshots from my instagram.

Hope you all have a great day. Gotta go to the airport soon.






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