A Weekend In Norway

I spent the weekend in Norway. The flight to Rygge airport was fine but when I arrived the taxi is booked was not there.

I waited for about 30 mins until I asked some random Norwegian guy if he had a taxi number. Luckily he had just booked a taxi so we shared. It was so lucky as my phone wasn’t going through to the taxi company.

I arrived at my hotel in Moss at about 12.30am. I had to wake up early the next morning to get the train into Oslo as I had booked tickets to Oslo already. And since I was doing a city tour I had to make it for the time the tour started!

I had an amazing day in Oslo.

It is a beautiful city and small enough to do a lot of walking. Next time I go I might go in summer though. And I’ll try to fly into the Oslo city airport. Not these ones on the outskirts.

I have put the photos on but they haven’t got captions yet. Most are from Oslo but some also from Moss.

I’ll put the captions on tomorrow night after work

I’m just spending the morning in Moss. Not a lot to do here and I was thinking of going to Halden but I woke up too late.

Planning my next mini trip already. Either Venice or Alicante! Any suggestions?


Hope you all had a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “A Weekend In Norway

    1. Yes! I was honesty so happy to get out of clacton. Loved it here in norway. I don’t want to go back ton clacton but I need your feed my bank account :D. The pizza was so good! Perfect balance of toppings and Base. 😀 thank you 🙂


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