A Nordic Adventure

I’m going on an advennnntuuurrreeee!!!!

Seriously, I’m so excited about this.  I know it’s only for the weekend (and oh, how I wish it could be longer), but it’s still my first mini-trip as an expat.


I ended up changing my flight to a later one on Sunday due to the fact that the airport I was going to fly out of was so far away.  I wanted to have another half day in Norway to just relax and get used to the fact that, yes, I have to go back to work.

I ended up booking a half-day city tour of Oslo.  Normally I wouldn’t, but I decided that I wanted to be comfortable and warm (especially since I’m getting over a cough that’s been hanging around for a while).  I’ve dedicated the late afternoon to Vero Moda and other shopping.

I know I can do shopping anywhere in the world, but Vero Moda isn’t in the UK and I seriously need some more work clothes!

Any suggestions from fashionistas here for good shops to visit?  These can be vintage clothing, modern, art etc. I’m not fussy!



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