Vintage London

Today I went back to London.  I’m seriously in love in with that city (but I know there are many other places here that I will fall in love with).

I left Clacton early and arrived about midday.  I was going to get a bus to Paper Dress shop, but ended up getting a cab instead.  I got there very quickly, despite the traffic) and spent a good half hour trying on gorgeous mod dresses from the sixties.  I ended up only purchasing one, as the rest were too big.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.54.49 pm

Sorry, the picture isn’t so good, but I’ll post an OOTD of it as soon as I wear it!

I then walked all the way to Mero Retro.  Another good shop.  I got a vintage faux fur coat there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.54.35 pm

I kept walking and ended up at Vintage Cafe.  I really suggest that place.  It’s quiet, small and sells vintage clothing and food.  I didn’t get much time there as I had to get to a dance lesson and social at the Boogaloo.

All in all, I had a fab day.  Even though I didn’t really do any touristy stuff I still enjoyed my day of shopping.




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