What a kerfuffle – Travelling.

The flights do go to Rygge Airport – I didn’t realise it at the time (I also didn’t realise that it’d be difficult to get to/from the airport that late at night!).

After I booked a hotel I decided to look at how to get to the hotel.  Since I am arriving at 10.55pm on Friday night I thought that I’d book a taxi.

I looked for about an hour and was disappointed to find one taxi company that was charging about 200 GBP to get to and from Oslo.

Disappointed, I decided to cancel my hotel and look for places that are close to Rygge Airport but still close enough to Oslo to be able to catch the train in.

I managed to find a hotel that is very close to the train station.  The taxi prices were also much cheaper.

So, if you are planning on getting a cheap flight to Norway and you are arriving late at night, the best option would be to go to Moss to stay.  Even if it’s for one night.  If I was in Norway for longer and I would have stayed one night in Moss and then gone to Oslo the next day.

I’m looking forward to staying out of Oslo.

On the Sunday before I leave I would love to go to this place:



I’ll then grab a quick bite to eat and just wander around and see what I can find.


Since I am flying Ryanair (and I have heard bad things about them), I’d better get to the airport on time…just incase they decide to close check-in early.


So excited about this trip now!


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