An Afternoon In London

Ok, I agree…I seem to be posting a lot about London lately.  I just can’t help it! I’ve never been in such a vibrant city before.

Yes, Auckland is ‘up-and-coming’ and I love my home city…but there’s just so many parts of London – mostly because it is such a big city.

There are little pubs everywhere (obviously, this is England and pub food is delicious, although fatty and not good for you).

I love walking here.  Although I have mastered the tube (ok, one train doesn’t really count as mastered…). Haven’t yet caught a bus – I may do that tomorrow as I have only until 12.30 here before I have to head back home.

I’ve started calling St Osyth ‘home’.  It’s comfy, warm, and what I love to call ‘gezellig’. But of course, home will always be in New Zealand.

I was going to go to a dance tonight, but the last few days I’ve been feeling poorly.  Sore throat, nose and headachy.  I’ve barely even started work!  I was feeling so horrible I didn’t even feel like coming to London.  But I’m glad I did!

So, instead of going to the dance, I went out this afternoon gathering essentials for a night in.  M&S is super for small pastas.  I picked up a banana too and a danish.  Simple dinner.  M&S is so expensive though.  I prefer Lidl.


But, I have got completely off track.

This afternoon I wandered down to Covent Garden.  I make a habit of staying in the same area each time I come to London.  That way I know the area and know where I need to walk – what directions etc.  I should really go and stay somewhere else, but I like the Bloomsbury area!

It’s close to stations too.

I stopped at quite a few shoe shops because I wanted to buy a tall pair of boots (was going to when I was in NZ, but thought I’d wait until I got here).  Unfortunately a lot of them were not very good quality.  Although I found a shop called Schuh which seemed good – I might revisit it tomorrow.

I then went to Aldo and bought a couple of woollen hats.

I went into Zara and some other shops to find some comfy pants but the queues were so long!

Finally I bought a Hot Chocolate (so good! And just what I needed to warm up!).

Now, I’m sitting back in the hostel and realised I forgot to buy tissues.  GRRRR.  Now I need to go back out! 😦


I hope you’re all having a super weekend.



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