Two Days In London

Now, I am not ‘London expert’ so this “Two Days In London” post is about what I did in London and how lost I got.

London is such a big city that in no way is 2 days enough!

I decided to split the area near where I was staying in two.

I didn’t want to use public transport, so I picked places that were walkable.

I was staying near the British Museum at Pickwick Hall Hostel (a great, quiet place if you feel like a good nights sleep!).

This was the ideal location because a) it is so close to so many things and b) it had a continental brekkie.

On my first day I went to Covent Garden.  I then somehow ended up in Trafalgar Square and then spent a good few hours (unplanned because I didn’t actually mean to go to Trafalgar Square…I just turned up there) wandering around the National Gallery.

After lunch I went for a long walk past the Houses of Parliament and then wandered over a bridge leading to the opposite side of the Thames.

I walked on the Riverside Walk for a long time and then decided to head back over to the other side.  I got lost a few times trying to find my way back to the Hostel.

The next day I tried to plan a bit better – I wanted to go to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge.  I knew that the Tower of London was shut because of New Years.

I managed to get to St Paul’s just fine.  After climbing all the way up to the top of the Cathedral I decided that I’d get some lunch.  Little did I know that I would end up getting lost on my way to the Tower Bridge.  I ended up at the London Wall.  Then I got completely lost in Whitechapel.  I managed to find a road on the map so that I could walk to the Tower Bridge.  It took me two hours to get from St Paul’s to the Bridge.

I ended up having a really nice day because I found a lot of lovely little places on the other side of the Thames.

So, two days I had tried to plan ended up being two days that were semi-unplanned.

Despite that, I had an amazing time!

Here’s a selfie of me looking a bit worried (and standing as far from the edge as possible) on top of St Paul’s Cathedral:

St Paul’s Cathedral

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