OOTD: Winter Is Freaking Cold

So today is my second day of working in the UK.  I’ve never been so cold before.

Since I’m working in a school I have to dress somewhat appropriately. Nah, I’m actually wearing what I wore back home for work.

They aren’t so worried about the clothes we wear.

So, today I wore my fan dress from Sydney (an old favourite of mine) and my Victorian boots.  I also wore my new (new-ish, I bought it in the winter sales last year at Postie Plus) cardie with bling.  My winter layers were: my black woollen coat from Paddington Coat Factory and my Pashmina scarf from the Netherlands (market in Hengelo in 2008).

In winter I can not survive without my merino tights.  They are so warm!

Winter OOTD
OOTD Winter

Sorry about the photo quality, it isn’t so good.  I’m having to balance my phone on things to take the photo now that I am overseas by myself and have no one to take my outfit photos!

I miss you mum 😥

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6 thoughts on “OOTD: Winter Is Freaking Cold

  1. Don’t worry it will get colder and wetter. Lol I have heard they sometimes get sun and everyone rushes to the beach for a quick 5 minute sunbathe before the next rain cloud.

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