Walking London In The Wrong Shoes

Today I spend the whole day walking around London.

I thought that I wouldn’t be walking that much, because I was just going to go to some museums and art galleries.

In the end I only went to the National Gallery.  The weather was too nice to spend inside!

The National Gallery was amazing.  On par with the Rijksmuseum.

After wandering round the National Gallery for a while, I got a cup of tea and a chelsea bun at the Espresso Bar.

I walked all the way to Lambeth Bridge and saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  After going over Lambeth Bridge, I walked all the way along the side of the thames to the London Eye and then kept going to Southwark Bridge…close to the Tower Bridge.  I was going to walk to the Tower Bridge but my feet were getting sore.  Mostly due to the shoes I decided to wear.  Boots with a heel.  It’s not even much of a heel.  At least my legs are nicely worked out now!
I saw the ‘Harry Potter’ Bridge (Millennium Bridge)  and then walked along the other side of the Thames (river walk again).  Unfortunately I had to wind my way back to the hostel because roads are closed for tonight.  I know that Aldwych is a ‘point’ for me to recognise, because then I know that I just have to keep walking straight up the road and I’ll get to the hostel road.
There’s so much to see here.  I ended up walking from 9.30-4pm.  (not counting the time I sat down at the National Gallery, which was for about 1/2 an hour).
Here are some photos:

Spot the dude who got into my photo at the most annoying time.  I had waited until the traffic stopped so I could take the photo.  Nek minnit, he stands right in front of my camera as I’m taking the photo 😦 Not impressed.


Despite my sore feet, I had a fabulous day.  It was perfect weather too!

Have a Happy New Year everyone.

To my friends in NZ: I hope you have had a great New Years! Welcome to 2016.



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