The Terrible Flight To London

The flight was probably one of the worst I’ve ever had.

Turbulence (pretty much throughout the whole flight), crying and screaming babies and the scariest landing I’ve ever encountered.

First of all, dinner was postponed for about 20 minutes because of turbulence.  In the end they gave out dinner even though the plane was still hopping around.

Next I was trying to go to sleep.  Baby kept screaming.

Third:  The landing.  When we were approaching Heathrow the plane kept dipping from side to side.  Even when we got close to the runway it kept doing that.  When we landed the plane was fishtailing down the runway…like it was going to fall over.

I don’t know if it was a really windy day, but as we landed I was saying ‘shit, shit, shit’ out loud.

We got to London late because the plane was delayed.  Thank god the shuttle was still waiting for me.  The driver had been waiting for me for over an hour!

I got to the hostel about 2pm and then went for a walk to pick up my resident permit.

I then went to some banks, but they have all said that I need to have proof of address etc to open an account.  Even though plenty of people have told me that all you need to do is take your passport into Lloyds or HSBC and they can just open the account with that.

Also, my phone has decided that it isn’t unlocked.  So now I have to go to Covent Garden (which I don’t really mind), to the Apple Store.  I hope that they can unlock it for me.

As I was walking a snapped two pictures.  Yes, just two.  There are so many beautiful old buildings here in London, but I was on a mission.

Plus, with how dark it is at the moment, it feels like it is about 7pm.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.  Going to go bright and early to the Apple Store to hopefully get my phone sorted.



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