Winter Teacher Fashion

Since I’m moving overseas soon (and moving into a winter much colder than I am used to) I decided to have a look at some good looks for winter.

I believe the teaching dress-code is quite different to the one in NZ.  SO I’ve been having a look for clothing and fashion looks that will be warm, fashionable and teacher-like.

I had a look on Pinterest and have found some looks that are great for not only teaching, but also for weekend looks.

Who wears boots with heels in the winter are you asking to slip and die. But love this coat! This outfit would totally work.:

polka dot dress, cardigan, black tights, black shoes. {teacher fashion outfit Lehrerin Kleidung}:

tights and dresses. Good look for dresses that are too short...:

Chic and easy to wear. Great for traveling. Could pin almost every pic on this lady's website: amazing style!:
This blog is amazing!

I really like wearing 60s style dresses to work because they are smart looking and comfortable.  I might look for more like them!


My school gave me an $80 prezzy voucher, so I’m going to buy some essentials for the UK!

I’m so excited and I’m counting down the days…but at the same time I’m scared! It’s like an excited/nervous feeling.

I have 1.5 more days left of work (although now it’d be exactly 1 day).  I’m going to miss my students heaps.  The school I’m at currently is amazing.  The kids are great and so are the teachers.

I’m going to post some more outfit inspiration on here when I get home from work.

What do you think of these looks?

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