This Day In Rotorua: Day Two.

Whoa.  What a busy weekend I’ve had.  So glad I took annual leave for tomorrow.  Today my sister and her boyfriend came from Tauranga to visit us in Rotorua.

We had brunch at a delicious cafe.  I got eggs benedit, which was satisfying but wasn’t as good looking as the granola and yoghurt that my mum, dad and sister got.  (Note to self: order that tomorrow..not matter how tempting a fry up is).  That feed kept me full pretty much all day.

We went to Kuirau Park (where free mud pools are) and then went to the Redwood Forest for walking.  The dogs enjoyed themselves.

After a good walk around we left.  Elly and Philip to Tauranga and the rest of us the Whakarewarewa.  Whakarewarewa is a functioning Maori village.  They had a Tangi today (a funeral) so we couldn’t go to certain places.  At one point I had to climb over a fence to get to a toilet.

After Whakarewarewa we went to the wetlands near where we are staying.

Here are some photos:

I had a great day.

I hope you all have had a great Sunday.

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