When In Rotorua.

My mum, dad and myself road tripped down to Rotorua yesterday afternoon.

Rotorua is one of my favourite places to go to (apart from the Bay of Islands).  I haven’t been here since 2009 or 2010, when I went on a Road Trip with my friend and sister.

We are staying at a little Bach (for you non-NZers – that is a small holiday home with only the basic amenities).  Luckily this bach is tidy, and apart from one run in with a White Tail Spider, it seems to be spider free.

We got here late at night, had a cup of tea and went to sleep.  We had to make our own beds with our own linen (I don’t mind at all, because you never know whether sheets have been changed or not – once in Greymouth I found a pair of pyjamas belonging to someone else under my pillow…).

It’s funny, you can always tell when you have arrived in Rotorua – it’s almost a case of ‘you smell it before you see it’.  Actually, that totally is the case.  Rotorua stinks….but you get used to the smell after a while.

It’s always like ‘pooo, dad!’, and then you realise: Sorry dad, it’s not you….it’s Rotorua.

Waking up this morning, I thought ‘brrr, it’s chilly’.  I took the dog outside and decided to take my camera too (a Nikon PowerShot Sx400IS (or 5, can never tell).


It’s absoloutely beautiful out there.  Lake Rotorua is right outside and Mokoia Island is smack bang in the middle of the lake (just about).

Here are some photos:

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I’ll post later on today about what we got up to.

I love Road Trips.

What do you like the most about Road Trips?

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