I Live, Breathe and Love Fashion.

There are so many things in the world that I love.  Travel, family, friends, my dog.  But one of the things that I love so much is Fashion. Don’t get this confused with loving fashion more than my family!

I was not always a fashionista (although I don’t know if I’d call myself one now).  I was a kid who grew up running around in shorts and t-shirts.  I started dressing myself at age 6…and my cool independence already shone through.

I decided that I’d be super cool if I wore bike shorts (hello, nineties), a flower t-shirt and a tartan waist-coat (courtesy of my brother).

That outfit was my go-to.  The outfit that I deemed the ‘coolest’.

I don’t know why people thought I was dressing badly.

I reached my teens and thought ‘oh god’.  Because to be honest, the peer-pressure at that age is horrendous.  If you aren’t ‘fashionable’ and in the cool clothes, then you are weird.

I never had those cool clothes.  Ok, I had some, but a lot of the clothes I had were hand-me-downs.  Things that had been unfashionable for a few years.  I was so happy that the school had uniforms.  I was absent every mufti day.

Luckily, the year before I was in 7th form (known as mufti year), the school decided to start a compulsory senior uniform.  My life was saved!  Granted, before 7th form I went to Europe and shopped up.

I think back now and realise I was so stupid for being so concerned with what other people thought of me.

Now I am so happy with the way I dress.  I went through so many fashion changes in University – 90s, grunge, all black attire (not Emo though).

Nowadays I am so completely inspired by vintage fashion (which was something I had loved since a kid).

I think that developing your own identity and independence is so important.

The reason why I live, breathe and love fashion is because it is an inspiration.  Every time I go into a shop I piece items of clothes together.  I can see in my head what will work and what won’t work.  I can see the potential for clothes.

What about you?  Do you have a love for fashion?

Were you an embarrassed teenager?

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