My Daily Makeup Routine

In the middle of this year, I had a fairly intense makeup routine.  I’d use shadow, liquid liner, foundation and powder.  I’d carefully create a cat eye flick.  Now?  I’ve changed it up completely!

I’m back to a much simpler routine.  It is easy, quick and so easily recreated!

I use a light foundation to cover dark circles and blemishes.  Sometimes I use Primer (it depends if I have time).

Then I dust over my Covergirl powder using a brush.

Next I use my No 7 Felt Tip Liner to line on my upper lid only – as close to the top eyelashes as possible.

I then apply a coat of clear mascara to my eyelashes (top and bottom) and my eyebrows (to keep them in place).

I’ve mentioned before the issues I have when using black or coloured mascara.  Since my eyelashes are so long, I find that they leave black lines on my eyelid.

Here’s a picture of my liner:

simple eyeliner
Daily Makeup Routine

You can’t really see it, but it does add a bit of ‘pop’ to my eyes 😀

Here are the products I use:


Daily makeup routine
Makeup Products

I always add a bit of foundation to the side of my hand and then dab the brush in it.

I use Isabelle Dupont foundation.

No 7 Felt Top Eyeliner.

Covergirl Powder.

Jordana Clear Mascara ($2 shop find).

Cover stick from As Seen On TV in Glenfield Mall (North Shore, Auckland).

The brush is from the Chemist.


This is really such an easy, simple makeup routine.

Let me know your thoughts.

How long do your makeup routines take? Do you have a makeup routine?

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