OOTD And Baking Day

I have had the busiest weekend, so I am going be posting yesterdays and todays posts this evening.

First up is yesterdays outfit:

OOTD Summer 2015

I wore a blue ASOS Miniskirt (which reminds me of the 60s) and a lace shirt.  For footwear I chose my favourite (honestly, all my shoes are my favourite!) retro style wedges from No 1 Shoes.

I spent the whole day driving around and baking in preparation for my mum’s birthday.

I made chocolate chip bikkies (same as last week – you can find the recipe here).


I also made a Lemon Tart.  I’ll post the recipe up soon (I’m honestly so tired I feel like dragging myself out of bed will be a huge effort.  I’m just not up to it!).  The recipe is from Mastering The Art of Baking.

Lemon Tart Recipe
Lemon Tart

Then I made a chocolate cake.  I baked it in a round tin.  Normally I bake it in a square tin.  This time it all overflowed and took almost 2 hours to bake.  Normally in the square tin it takes only 1 hour 15 minutes.  Note to self: never bake it in a round tin again.   It was still delicious though!


You can find the recipe for the chocolate cake here.  (currently fixing it as the image with the recipe has gone weird…ever since I moved back from Self-hosting my images have gone…so I have to go back an source them!)

Devils Chocolate Cake Recipe
Choccy Cake

In between all of this I dropped my brother off at the airport.  Drove home to pick up a skirt for my mum.  I then had to drop the skirt off in the city for her and then I went to Smoove for a bit of shopping.

I bought this belt:

Smoove reworked vintage

I hope you all had a super-dooper day/weekend!! 🙂



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