OOTD: A Vintage Affair

It’s no secret.  I love vintage clothes.  If I could afford to buy true vintage constantly, I would.  But unfortunately, vintage clothes are getting more and more expensive.

Today I wore my favourite 1940s dress.  It is true vintage.  It is handmade and it is the most beautiful dress I have ever had in my wardrobe.  It is one of those dresses that I get so concerned about.  I don’t want to stain it or get it dirty because it is that special.

I bought it off ebay about a year ago.  I never really wore it that much because I didn’t want to ruin it.  Now?  I want to wear it and take care of it.  I don’t want it to become one of those dresses that just sits in my wardrobe only to be looked at and not worn!

I put on my new belt from Smoove (that I bought yesterday especially for this dress) and also my pair of 1930s/40s deadstock shoes.  They are still tight, but I’m trying to stretch them out more by wearing them every so often.  I did get them professionally stretched (by the local shoe fixer person) but they are still tight.


I had no one to take my photo, so I had to improvise by balancing my phone on my laptop to take a photo using the timer.  I would have used my laptop but I wanted to put the outfit on instagram!

Straight after my mum’s birthday party, we had to go out.  So I changed outfits:

I wore:

Vintage Wrangler shorts from the 1950s (deadstock – so never worn..another ebay find!).

A bag from the Ladies Market in Hong Long.

A striped Bardot t-shirt from Dotti.

Retro style (1950s) wedges from Number One Shoes.

The Necklace is from Burma.

My view of the city when driving over the Harbour Bridge:

A bit blurry…but meh.
chocolate milkshake
This was a disappointing chocolate milkshake…drank all of it though.

I went back to Smoove while my parents were at the dance workshop (I was going to go but I didn’t get my name down in time).

printed skirt
A sneak peek of the clothes I bought at Smoove. You may see some of them in my instagram ootd post tomorrow.

So, all in all I had a busy, tiring day.

I’m signing out now..zzzzzzzz

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5 thoughts on “OOTD: A Vintage Affair

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 yes. I’m actually trying to make one at the moment using a reproduced pattern from the 40s. It’s not a tricky plattern but I keep running out of time to sew lately! Me too! Such a good fashion era!

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