Friday, Friday. OOTD and Dinner

Yesterday was Friday.  Finally.  I love the weekend.  I don’t want to wish my life away by being like ‘I can’t wait for the weekend’ all the time.  But Friday is by far my favourite day of the week.

Yesterday I went to the City after work (Auckland City, that is).  My mum got a hair cut.  I bought eye cream and chocolate ($15 worth at Smith and Caugheys – a bit extreme? But totally worth it!). Mum bought the Hi-Chew for all of us (We love Hi-Chew dearly).


We went for dinner at a Japanese place on Lorne Street.  I can’t remember the name (I’m terrible with things like that.  I’m always like “that place next to such and such”).

I got the most delicious Pork Miso on Rice.  It came with an abundance of veges and rice and it was topped off by a dollop of mayonnaise.


We had a good walk around the city.  It was really nice to just go out, eat, shop and go home.  I didn’t really feel like being out for ages.  Although my brother did text me saying he was in town too and that I should join him and some friends at a bar in downtown.  I was really tempted to go and join them but I was expecting a phone call (which never eventuated which was kind of annoying).

So, here is my outfit of yesterday:


Dress: From the Netherlands (Domburg).

Shoes: Mischief Shoes (Milford).

Bag: Op Shop find.

I hope you all had a happy friday!

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