Dipliner Eyeliner Review: LA Colours VS Isabelle Dupont

Earlier this year I bought two different liquid eyeliners.  LA Colours and an Isabelle Dupont liner.

Today I thought I’d do a post about how they compare:

LA Colours:

This one has a brush that makes it easier to apply, however it is a little drier than the Isabelle Dupont one.  I find that the brush is a bit longer, so that the strokes come out a bit more even.

It doesn’t spread out as well, since it dries quickly.

Awkward selfies – sorry 😀

Isabelle Dupont:

This one has a flatter brush – it takes a bit of getting used to.

The liquid liner in this one is easy to spread and creates a cat-eye flick nicely.



In conclusion:

I would probably buy the Isabelle Dupont one again because it is easy to apply and it creates a really nice flick.  I wonder if they have one in brown because I like brown liner more than black now!

The LA Colours one was about $5 and the Isabelle Dupont was about $18 (can’t quite remember the cost).

Cateye Tip:

I always use a eyeliner pen or eyeliner felt pen (especially No 7 ones) to do the outline of the cat-eye flick so that I have a guide to go by.  The eyeliner pens are good because they are easy to wash off or brush off so that you can quickly repair the outline.  I do the guide because liquid liners are not able to be quickly brushed off and ‘repaired’ to get the desired flick.

Do you have any liquid eyeliner preferences?

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