Cleaning Out My Closet…And my room and my bookshelves.

I’m moving overseas in exactly 41 days.  I haven’t even started cleaning out my room yet.  I have managed to part with some dearly beloved clothes.  Other clothes I should part with (but can’t) are in a plastic bag on-top of my laundry basket.

You see, I have priorities.  My priorities are: “taking as many of my clothes and shoes with me”.  Yes, I know that there are heaps of shops in the UK.  I know the shopping there is amazing.

But I seriously can’t leave these clothes behind.  I love them.  They have taken me many years of collecting (and a lot of money).  My clothes are lovely and they can not be left behind.  I want to take all my vintage clothes and shoes with me.

My room isn’t that messy – but the body language matches mine whenever I start contemplating what to take and what to leave behind.

I honestly don’t want to go to the UK and have to start all over again (in the clothing and shoe department) because it costs a lot and I am not made of money.

So, todays post is my process of my thoughts when cleaning out my wardrobe/closet/clothing place.

  1. I am ruthless.  I am going to just chuck all the stuff out that I haven’t worn in 3 years (or more).
  2. Wait a minute…I bought that dress/shirt/skirt when we went to …   I can’t get rid of it.  The memories! The potential it still has (it is a little tight, but no one will notice if I wear a long top…right?).
  3. Nope.  I am ruthless again.  Chuck everything into a plastic bag.  There we go…
  4. I must resist looking in the plastic bags.  Do not look K, do not look.  I’ll put them somewhere else…
  5. Well, it doesn’t hurt to have a little look through.  See if there’s anything my cousins or sister would like..right?
  6. Ohh, this skirt is so cute.  I can’t get rid of that!
  7. I never wore these shoes because they hurt my toes…I could stretch them and wear them.  
  8. Ok, so what do I have left in this bag? One pair of jeans?
    Kanye Shrug
    I couldn’t resist a Kanye Shrug

    *shrugs shoulders* ok then.

It took me ages to find a photo of people shrugging.  I then realised I had written shhurd.  I don’t think that’s even a word 😀

So…all in all.  That is my thought process when trying to clean out my wardrobe.

Do you have issues with getting rid of clothes that you don’t need?

Surely I’m not the only one living with this attachment issue.

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Closet…And my room and my bookshelves.

  1. I have so much trouble with this! Far too nostalgic. But last week I realised that a dress I bought 7 years ago (when I was 15!) looks really cool these days when worn with a roll neck. So sometimes it pays to hold on to things! Sorry that really doesn’t help with your packing :S

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    1. Haha. That’s exactly what I think. If I hold onto it long enough it will probably end up being something I’d wear again! I had a great idea recently and thought that I’ll get all of my summer clothes shipped over. Especially since I’m going from summer to winter – all my summer stuff won’t be packed because it’s summer here and I’ll wash it all and ask mum to send it once I’ve found a place to live!! Still gonna struggle packing all my winter clothes and shoes though. 😀


  2. I have had a terrible time letting go clothes when I moved out of the dorms in the university. Every little prices of clothing had a memory- a trek, a presentation, a mid night walk, a dinner. But then, I placed a baggage restriction on myself, that I won’t carry more than 25 kg out of the dorms when I vacate, I had to let go of a lot of clothes that I adored.

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    1. Me too, I left a lot of clothes at home. Mum said she’d take care of them for me and will post them over if I want them. I did have a baggage restriction too, but then I had to fit presents for my Canadian family into my bag which made it go way up over 25kg! I think I’ll have to be very careful when I move back to NZ (if I move back to NZ!). Thank you again for your comment 🙂

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