My Nightly Beauty Routine

I have recently bought a new face wash that I ABSOLOUTELY love.

It’s quickly become a part of my simple, nightly beauty routine.

I only use face wash and eye creme each night as I don’t like clogging my pores up with anything else.  I think it’s really important for skin to ‘breath’ and have a break from cremes.

Nightly beauty routine

I do tend to get quite oily skin.  I really like having a face wash that actually cleans my skin.  Some face washes I’ve used, my skin gets used to really quickly, which is not good.

I also prefer to use Garnier Roll-On for eyes.  It is cooling, calming and perfect for night time use.  I also use it some mornings if I haven’t had a good sleep – it relaxes my eyes and rejuvenates them.

Do you have a specific night time beauty routine?

Is it more complex than this, or simple?

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