That Twiggy Style: Mod Dress OOTD

One of my greatest sewing accomplishments (thanks for the help mum!) was my 1960s Mod Dress.  I actually made 2 of these, one in white with colourful polka dots and the one I wore today.  I also have another white one with black dots that my mum made for my sister.  She didn’t wear it so I claimed it (thanks, Elly).

The pattern is from the 1960s (it was reproduced a few years ago – which is why I love going to Spotlight and seeing all the reproduced patterns in their pattern books!).

I decided to make this one in a bright pink, not one of my usual colours.  It is decorated with tiny white flowers which are embroidered throughout the material!

This dress is perfect for those warm Summery months.  It is lightweight and is perfect for work.  It also has pockets! I love pockets!  It’s great for my glasses, pens and paper that are essential for teaching.

I always wear a belt around my waist with these dresses.  I’m so ‘straight-up-and-down’, aka pencil-like, that if I wore it without a belt it’ll look like a sack on me.

I wore the same shoes as yesterday – my black sandals from No 1 Shoes.

The belt is from the 80s.  My mum got it in England in the 80s, but the dress it went with is a 1950s one, I think.

Twiggy style
1960s Mod Dress
Twiggy Style
1960s Mod Dress + Alien hand

I love Twiggy style because it is just so classic and cute!  She is one of my inspirations because she really helped to move fashion forwards!

Who is your favourite fashionista from the 60s?

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