My Road Trip Essentials

I love taking long car journeys.  I love being able to just relax and look out the window (while someone else drives of course).  There’s something so magical in just seeing the beautiful country go past.

There are parts of the North Island of New Zealand (mostly Waikato and Coromandel areas) that I’ve committed to memory.  Places I’ve been driving through since I was a little kid.

I love it.  I love how there are memories associated to each place.

I’ve been going to Mercer to have Pokeno Bacon ever since I was little.  Every time we went down south (to the Snow, to Rotorua, Hamilton etc) we’d stop off there on the way and on the way back.

Road Trips bring back memories and also make new ones.

So, without further ado, here’s my Road Trip Essentials List:

  1.  Chocolate bar.  

I need at least 1 Kit Kat to keep me going.  Or two.  You know what they say…have a break, have a Kit Kat.

  2.  Music.

Music is something that is essential to my life.  It is pretty much the reason why I live!  Music has got me through the good times and the bad.  I have songs that are in my ‘driving’ playlist.  Songs that are easy to sing a long to!

3.   Jumper.

I need a jumper in the car.  I use it as a pillow – for leaning against the window.  I use it in winter if it is cold.

4.   Sunblock.

There’s nothing worst than getting sun burn..especially sun burn in the car.  How does that happen anyway?

   5.  Baby wipes.

Essential in the summertime especially after any of these following things:

  • getting an ice cream
  • running back to the car and getting tar stuck on your feet (baby wipes don’t get the tar off, but it get’s rid of the dirt).
  • freshening up after a run into the dairy for food and drink.

   6.  Hat and sunglasses.

I like to keep as protected from the sun as I can.  Yes, I may look weird sitting in the car with a hat on, but I like having skin that isn’t as red as a tomato.

Here are a few of my favourite RT shots:

Road trip essentials
Priorities. Maccas and toilet
Road Trip Essentials
Danger – at Lake Taupo.
Road Trip Essentials
An actual photo of me sitting in an actual car (when I had long hair..well, longer than it is now!).
Road Trip Essentials
A Tv on a Sheep. Weird thing is, it was gone when we drive back through a few days later…maybe someone decided to take it to use?
Road Trip Essentials
One year my sister and our friend went on a Road Trip and got matching rings. The friend and us were better friends than we are now. Friends come and go.

Funnily enough, when I used to go on Road Trips regularly, the songs playing were Boom Boom Pow and Jai Ho (Pussy Cat Dolls).  That was in ’09 and ’10.  During my great, carefree Uni days.

I try to pack my phone down in the bottom of my handbag so I’m not tempted to go and check twitter or something.  I like having separation from social media (I don’t get separation anxiety).

What are your road trip essentials?


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