Diversity in Fashion and Positive Body Images – Alexa Chung

Every body is different.  Everybody is different.  See if you can see the difference there.  It is so important to embrace yourself and understand that you are beautiful for being yourself and for looking like yourself.

Body positivity is something that I think is incredibly important.

I recently watched Alexa Chung’s ‘Positive Body Image and Diversity’ video on youtube.   The video really made me think about diversity in fashion.

size diversity
From http://www.stylehasnosize.com/

It is so interesting hearing from fashion insiders the importance of diversity and how the fashion industry is slowly become more accepting towards people of all shapes, sizes and race.

I think that there definitely needs to be a change from incredibly skinny models (in saying that, I don’t mean models who are NATURALLY skinny) that are still being seen on the runways and in fashion ads.  There just needs to be more diversity on the runway and in ads.

Unfortunately a lot of people, and not just young people, compare themselves to the ‘ideal’ look.  There is more than one ‘ideal’ look and that is something I think the fashion industry needs to embrace more than they already are.

I also think that there needs to be less body shaming ( that means skinny and fat shaming).  I honestly hate the word ‘fat’ because it is such a put down.  It sounds cruel.

See the video here:

What are your thoughts on diversity in the fashion industry?


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