The Importance Of Travelling

It’s no secret.  I love travelling.  It is one of my favourite things to do and I wish I could go travelling more often.

Travel is important to me because:

  1. There is so much of the world to see. 

There are so many things in the world to see and do.  So many adventures!

2.  Life goes by so quickly that we need to treasure every moment!

Creating memories to reflect on later on in life is so important.

3.  It’s fun.

Having fun keeps you young!  It doesn’t mean you have to go travelling to exotic places – especially if you can’t afford it!  Going on weekend trips to places close by can save you money and can be just as fun as going to Paris for the weekend!

 4.  You make new friends.

You never know who you could meet.  You might end up travelling around with them!  They could be life-long friends or just some travel buddies you meet.

5.  You discover new things about yourself.

Travelling opens up all sorts of opportunities and experiences that you may partake in.  You might discover that you love hiking to amazing places like Norway’s Pulpit Rock (somewhere I am dreaming of going to in the near future!).

 6.   You live victoriously through what you are doing, not what others are doing.

Who else gets incredibly jealous when people post photos about their holidays and travels?  I do.  It’s hard not to.  Honestly, I wish I could be on holiday ALL the time.  Imagine being able to just relax without thinking about work.

7.  You only have this one life to live.

Take each day as it comes and have no regrets later on.  Think of all those amazing places you could go to!


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