Moving To England: Finding A Job

Part of my moving overseas series is how I found a job in the UK.  I spent a long time looking at sites like Guardian and thinking about where in England I’d like to work.  I looked specifically for Primary teaching jobs (with no extra leadership work).

After applying for some jobs by myself (with no luck), I put my name down for Point to Point Education.

P2PE is an education recruitment agency.  They are fantastic because they do practise interviews, call often (to see how you are going) and let you know all the things you need to do before getting to the UK.

My suggestion is to have a look at job sites, see what is available and then have a look at recruitment agencies and see what they can offer you.  Luckily the recruitment agency I went with was really great because they really look at you as a teacher and think about the sort of school you’d suit.

So, my advice to you is to take the time to look around and see what area of England you would like to work in.  I took the first job I was offered – because I was unsure as to whether I’d get a job elsewhere in the UK.  I’ll be working in Essex (I’m not sure whether I should watch TOWIE in preparation for my move).

I’m am so excited about the move.  I’m thinking of all the places I can go to (because I have a severe case of wanderlust – you should see my travel wishlist…it’s so long it’s getting ridiculous!).  I don’t want to spend all my dollars (or in this case, pounds) but I also don’t want to go overseas and do nothing but work!

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5 thoughts on “Moving To England: Finding A Job

    1. I know! A few of my friends live in London and I was thinking of going there. But then I saw other parts of the country that I thought would be amazing to live in! Thank you! It’s surprising how fast the time has gone since I decided to go!


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