Walking Series: Monday Bush Walk

I love long weekends! I wish we had three day weekends all the time.   I always get so much done when I have a long weekend.  I manage to catch up on sleep, have plenty of relaxing time and also get to go out for walks!

Today I went to Smith’s Bush, near Northcote.  I went there with my parents.  I’m trying to do something different each weekend as I am moving overseas at the end of this year.

The walk was amazing.  The native trees towered over us.  We could hear the motorway during the walk, but that didn’t matter!  However, in some places we could only hear the birds and the rustling trees.  I love the smell of nature and the sound.

I found some beautiful trees – Kahikatea, Tanekaha, Mahoe and Puriri.

I love walking through the bush.  Only problem? My mum kept tickling the back of my neck with tree branches and leaves.  She knows I hate bugs and insects.  The tickling made it feel like I had a giant insect on my neck.

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We ended up having a picnic lunch and rested in the sun for a bit before heading back to the car.

I really had a nice day and I think I am going to miss NZ SOOOO much when I leave.

But, I’m excited about the next chapter in my life!


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