Vintage 1970s Dress – OOTD

Today was the day I decided to bare my gorgeous, bright white legs to the sun.  Kind of.  I actually wore a pair of seamed, skin coloured stockings so as not to hurt anyones eyes.

To be completely honest, I wore bare legs in the holidays, but since it’s been 2 weeks since the holidays my slight holiday tan has faded.

I bought the dress featured in this post at Smoove about a month ago.  Unfortunately the seams were torn and there was a hole in the back of the skirt.  I had it fixed at Pin-Tin in Milford Mall (if you’re looking for a tailor/seamstress, they are absoloutely fabulous!).


I love this dress because it is so different to what I would normally wear.  It is true vintage – (material wise- the rest of it is altered by Smoove to create a more modern vintage look – this normally means that the skirt is shortened and the sleeves are chopped off).

The peplum creates a 1940s look, however due to the material design I believe it is from the 70s.

1970s dress

I love the blingy bit on the front!

My shoes are from My Baby Jo.  I got them stretched a while ago, but they are still a little narrow.  So I’ve been wearing them a little bit each day to stretch them out a little bit.  I may go to get them stretched again.

I found the stockings at Countdown!  I was so surprised to see them there!  I got some black seamed stockings there earlier this year but I didn’t see the nude coloured ones.  It’s good because they can be quite expensive.

I’m so glad it’s Friday!  I love how this weekend is a long weekend! No work on Monday 😀 YAHOOOOO!!!!

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow at long last! It’s been about 8 weeks so I’ve got a really nice mullet going on at the moment!

Have a happy day/evening!

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