8 Weird Travel Moments

Everyone has weird things happen to them when travelling.  Whether it’s solo travel, family travel or backpacking around with friends…something weird is bound to happen.

Here are a few of ‘My Weird Travel Moments’:

  1. Dropping all my coins in the Church in Antwerp.  

I was looking for money for the ticket and all my coins fell out of my purse.  It was one of those places that was deathly quiet.  Red faced, I bent down to pick the coins up.  Nek minnit…all the coins fell out again.  Coin Drop is one of those things I cringe about whenever I think about it.


    2.  Almost crashing my bike in Bussum, Holland.

When I was with family in Bussum, I went on a bike ride with my great aunt and mum’s cousin.  I had to ride my ‘cousins’ bike.  Problem?  He is about 6 foot tall.  Me? 5″7′.  You can see the potential problems.  I was able to reach the peddles and bike around, but if I got off I couldn’t get back on.  So, traffic lights approach in the distance, my stomach sinks.  We get off to walk across the road and I attempt to get on at the other side.  Next thing I know I’m falling/sliding towards down a slight hill in front of all this traffic.

3. Almost boarding the wrong plane.

I sat at the gate in Abu Dhabi waiting for my flight to Sydney to be called.  Looking around…I was surrounded by males staring at me.  Was I in the wrong place?  Luckily I knew someone else on my flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi was also flying to Sydney.  I saw him in the distance at another gate and got up to see whether I was in the wrong place.  Thank g-man I did, because otherwise I would have been left behind and missed my flight!

 4. Lined up to check in to fly to somewhere in Iran.

I went to the wrong check-in gate.

 5.  Drank too much the night before flying.

I am never drinking alcoholic beverages before flying…ever again.   I was feeling so sick, I got to Abu Dhabi after a 7 hour flight and still felt hungover.  My life was complete when I found a Burger King.  Their chips saved my life.  Then I looked in the mirror and thought….’good god, I still have 16 hours of flying to do…my hair is greasy, I look half dead and I kind of stink like a brewery’.

I ended up in Auckland with the greasiest, most disgusting looking hair.  Next time I am going to take advantage of showers in airports.

6.  Bought 20 euros worth of bikkies in Bruges.

I found the most divine bikkie/cookie shop in Bruges.  I went over board and loaded a bag full of cookies.  Took it to the checkout= 20 euroes.  Bought them all and ate them all too.

Bruges Biscuits Bruges Biscuits

 7.  Couldn’t unlock my cousin’s door.

My cousin left me her key on my last day in Rotterdam.  I went out to do some shopping and got back and couldn’t get back in.  I had the key and everything.  Only solution?  Knock on the neighbours apartment door and ask for help.  I knock, he opens the door with nothing on.  Well nothing except for a pair of undies.  He wanders over, opens the door and wants to have a conversation.

   8.  Got stuck on a train.

My bags got stuck between carriages and I couldn’t open the door again.

So there you have it.  Some of the most awkward, weird, strange, huh moments I’ve lived through whilst travelling.

Have any of you had weird travel moments?

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