Walking on the Weekend

This evening we took Pipi the dog for a walk.  She really is a sweetie.  She has a sweet tooth too.  Which is probably not the best thing for a dog to have.

Walking on the weekend:

When we went for the walk we took the ice block sticks with us (we had won free magnum ice blocks as part of their 25th anniversary).

I enjoyed an Almond one:

IMG_5843 IMG_5841 IMG_5834 IMG_5833

And so did my dog (almost)!

And here are some ‘contemplating life’ shots from the walk along the beach:

beach walking beach walking beach walking

And I found these gorgeous flowers in a small walk way by the beach – there used to be a ‘Troll’s Bridge” going over the volcanic rocks, but it was destroyed in a storm a few years ago and the Auckland Council never replaced it.  The only way through now is through someone’s garden (they kindly let the public walk through there):

pretty flowers

If you live in Auckland or on the North Shore, and you haven’t done this walk before, I highly suggest it! It is a beautiful walk to do.  I also see a lot of people running it too – so if you’re more of a runner than walker than it will suit you too!

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