My Top Tips For Travelling Light

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do.  I love packing my bags.  Problem?  I often put too much in my bag.  So I devised a simple system to help me pack lightly.  I know other people struggle with packing their bags as it is hard to know what you will or won’t need.

Tips For Travelling Light


  1. Put everything you want to take with you into your bag.
  2. Look at the clothes and assess them.  This means:  Think about how many outfits you could create with the clothes you want to take.
  3. Take out the clothes you don’t need.  This means the ones that can only really create one outfit.
  4. Look at those shoes.  Do you really need those black pumps?  Take a pair of ballet flats instead.  My rule is 3 pairs – one pair for walking, one pair of sandals (if it’s summer/spring/autumn) and one pair of ballet flats.
  5. Take out all of your makeup.  Do you really need all those compacts and eyeshadow pallets?  Take one of each not all of them!
  6. Put away the things you won’t be taking with you.
  7. Repack your bag.
  8. Repeat these steps if necessary.

It is important to also think about how long the trip is.  If you are going to be away for a weekend you only really need two outfits (plus something dressy if you are going out somewhere).  If you are going for a week then I would normally pack 4 outfits.   It is easy to mix and match clothes.

I always pack too much and then realise that I hate travelling with too much stuff.  It makes everything so much harder!  I remember I got stuck in train doors once because I had 2 suitcases (mind you this was at the end of the trip and one bag was full of presents from the family I was visiting).

If you are moving overseas it is a good idea to post clothes over.  Especially the off season clothes.  e.g. if it is winter post all the summer clothes over.   It really saves a lot of room and you won’t have to worry about having too much stuff!

Travelling light really saves me my time, energy and eventually my sanity.

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