Maybelline Smoky Eyes 610

I have been on the look out for a good smoky eye liner for a while and when I was at NZFW I received this one, by Maybelline, for free from a goodie bag!  It is called Maybelline Smoky Eyes 610 Master Smoky by Eye Studio.  It’s in ‘Black Smoke’ colour.

Maybelline Smoky Eyes Review

What I love about this product is that it is so easy to apply.  It seems very creamy, in a way, and it has a twisty bit so that you can make the pencil longer.

There is a sponge on the end for smudging.

Despite the fact that it’s supposed to create a smoky eye look, I actually found the sponge hard to use because it is not very soft.  I think if I applied a bit more liner it would work better.

I think that I’ll use this as just a normal liner, instead of smudging it.

I smudged one eye and the other is just normal.

The only this I struggled with was actually removing this product as it is very easy to remove, even with eye makeup remover.  Other than that, Maybelline Smoky Eyes is a good product to try and use.

If you would like this product you can find it at Postie Plus!

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Sorry everyone – I have to re-do photos because my photos from September have gone since moving to this blog!!


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