How To Be Happy With Your Body

Body image issues are the worst.  People might think “But you’re skinny.  How can you have body image issues?”.  People of all shapes and sizes can struggle with the way they look.   One person who I look up to is Demi Lovato.  She appears to be so strong and seems so positive about her body.

Here are some tips on how to be happy with your body:

Some of these are for people suffering from disordered eating.

  1. Hide your scales (or ignore them if you can).

You can weigh yourself at the doctor.

I used to excessively weigh myself – as soon as I started to ignore them I became less worried about actually eating.

2. Eat.

This is a no brainer.  Since I started eating more I have had so much more energy and am happier with what I see in the mirror.  I no longer look at myself and think ‘ew…my arms are so friggen skinny’.

If you struggle with eating a lot of food have a few small meals throughout the day (I definitely know it is not as easy as saying ‘just eat’ (because that is easier said than done for some people)).  Make sure you have some healthy snacks too e.g. apple, peanuts or other fruit.

3)  Put a bit of weight on.

This kind of goes hand in hand with ‘EAT’.

I know some people find it hard to put weight on, especially if you are suffering from an eating disorder, but it is important to weigh enough.
Personally, I find it so difficult to put weight on because I struggle with eating enough sometimes.  However, in the last few weeks I’ve put some weight on and since then I’ve felt so much happier and confident.

4)  Tell yourself you’re beautiful.

I think everyone has looked in the mirror and said ‘ugleh’.

But the important thing to do is turn those soul destroying thoughts around and start saying ‘beautiful’ instead.

5)  Don’t listen to people telling you what is wrong with your looks.

Blank it out as best as you can.

I’ve had this happen so many times. For example, my personal favourites:  ‘You’re too skinny’  and ‘you’re fat’.  I also had ‘your lips are too big’ once. WTF.

What I learnt was to just not listen – took me a while and lots of tears and sadness to figure that out.  And it is always annoying when people say mean things like that to you.  I also like saying a sarcastic ‘thank you’ to makes them think twice.

Listen to the amazing X-Tina:

I listened to that song constantly in my teens.  I remember when it came out.  It is a long time favourite.  It really talks about self-esteem issues and insecurity.

6) Give yourself a positive pep-talk.

I’ve talked about this in another ‘how to’.  But this is something I believe is actually really helpful.

You have to keep telling yourself you are beautiful and perfect the way you are until you start believing it.

Like X-Tina said – ‘You are beautiful in every single way’.

7) Know your body shape

It’s important to know your natural body shape.  It’s easy to want something you can’t have.  For example, I wish I had a few more curves, but I have a body that’s pretty much straight up and down.

Appreciating your body and showing respect towards your body is really important.

8) Dress to impress (not just others but also yourself).

I believe that finding a style of clothes that suits you, and makes you feel good about yourself, is essential to the way you view your body.

If you think you look good you will have a positive outlook and you will also have higher self esteem.

9) Be yourself/celebrate your differences.

Life is too short to be someone else.

Think carefully about who you are.

I stopped caring about what people thought of me when I finished uni, mostly because I am in an environment that celebrates diversity (education for the win).

I don’t give a toss what people have to say about me because I literally hold my head up high (no, I don’t actually walk around looking at the ceiling, I just mean have good posture and walk with purpose) when I go out.

Be brave:

Now, all these ‘how-to’ tips do not work the first time you try them.  Things take time.  If some work and some don’t, try other things.

Tell someone if you are suffering from an eating disorder or body image issues.  It is so much easier to work through issues with support rather than trying to do it by yourself.

Here are some of my favourite people who promote body positivity and different body shapes:

How to be happy with your body

How to be happy with your body

How to be happy with your body



Christina Aguilera.
You said it, sistah!

How to be happy with your body


Peace out


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